Giới Thiệu

Weighing system to control the material harvested directly in field. Accurate load cells or pressure transducers are connected to an high-tech indicator to have the perfect control of the data.


  • Weighing directly in field = time saving 
  • Weight of each wagon in real time and without stopping.
  • No need to travel to the closest weigh bridge scale.
  • The harvest chain runs without stopping
  • Time saving for the operator.
  • Results stored by operator, customer, trailer and field.
  • The operators can easily check and use full machine capacity.
  • Management of all languages.
  • Simple and intuitive to use.
  • Bidirectional interface with the sw trace for a continuous and precise data exchange.
  • Field name, client name, stock ID, trailer ID and max load value, name of the trailer operator, forage/material variety.
  • Full range of accessories available to satisfy all Customer’s need.


Standard kit is composed by:

  • FIELDscale Indicator: brain of the system. It can read the signal from the load cells to define the weight loaded on wagon. High programmability and data collection.


  • Standard Power cable (6 meters)  possible connection to external sound alarm.


  • Standard sensor cable (10 meters) to connect indicator and junction box (load cells are connected to junction box) .


  • Junction box for load cells with ECP.


To each kit is associated with the load cells needed by choosing the most suitable type and number for each machine.

Tin Tức


  • NIR Forage Analyzer - AgriNIR™
  • SP10 Smoke Point Tester D1322
  • Video X NIR Reveal