Bể giữ nhiệt từ 0 – 95 độ C dòng ECO

Mã SP: [SCITEQ] ECO Line Themo Tank

ECO-line thermo tanks 0 – 95 C

With the ECO line thermo tanks you get accurate conditioning of any type of sample at temperatures from 0 to 95° degrees Celsius. The ECO Line Themo Tank is available in 8 dimensions suitable for countless specimen configurations. The standard product program covers a range of internal dimension from 800x800x860 mm to 3500x1850x1850 mm (LxWxH), meaning a volume range of 0,5 -12 m3 water.

Product highlights

  • high accuracy temperature control. Temperature setting +/- 0,1 °
  • uniform constant temperature
  • minimal energy loss
  • Automatic water level control
  • large dimension range availability
  • 270 ° accessibility to tank
  • long lifetime construction
  • low noise level
  • easily accessible service components
  • customer tailored solutions


The ECO Line thermo tanks are primarily used for immersing pipe samples in water at a accurately controlled temperature, during hydrostatic pressure test, but also for conditioning of any type of sample that requires controlled temperature immersion. The tanks are suitable for testing according to ISO 1167, ASTM D1598 and ASTM D1599

Energy efficient

The design focuses on energy efficient operation, intuitive & ergonomic use and cost efficient construction. The tank consists of an outer heavy duty frame in painted steel with easy removable cover plates. An inner tank in stainless steel (Aisi 316 and others on request). The compact thermal insulation in the Thermo Tank reduces heat loss and eliminates the risk of hot outer surfaces. Combined with the innovative heating elements and heating circulation pumps, temperatures inside the thermo tanks are both constant and uniform.

Easy access

With the smart safety lid easily and safely operated by pneumatic cylinders, you can easily access the tank from all three sides. In the case of a power failure, the lid will stay in position. The design also allows for easy maintenance; heating elements, pumps, valves and temperature sensors can all be removed without the need to drain the tank of water.

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