[Dinamica Generale] Feeding Monitoring DG8000-IC

Mã SP: [Dinamica Generale] DG8000-IC
Programmable weight indicator structured and demanding farms


Specific DG8000-IC features:

  • All features of DG8000
  • 48 Recipes, 24 Components each (from a list of 99 components)
  • 96 group of animals (pens), 16 rations each
  • 64 nutrition process (batch), 48 groups of animals each
  • Recipe formulation based on daily dry matter intake for each pen
  • Premix management
  • Refusal management by pen
  • Specifically designed for integrating NIR Analyzers
  • Monitoring operators’ labor effectiveness
  • Suitable for automatic feeding plants
  • Compatible with the DTM Daily TMR Manger Software IC version
  • Mixing time control with automatic start at the end of loading procedure
  • Managing components/pens even by percentage
  • Wireless data exchange between indicator ad DTM software via the 3G or WiFi modem  
  • Recipes can be set by weight, number of cows or by percentage
  • The real TMR weight can be set right before distribution. This enables the automatic redistribution of TMR weight for each pen
  • The operator can edit name of Components, Distribution Points and Programs in different  languages
  • Menu and user messages can be displayed within a vast number of languages available
  • Total weight, number of cows and percentage adjustment can be changed right before starting the feeding program execution
  • Internal diagnostics for checking all device functions (display, load cells signals, buttons)
  • Component consumption counter
    • Working hours counter
    • Feed Mixer overloads monitor 

Standard features

  • Working mode: total/partial and net/gross weight
  • WiNETTM port as standard for plug&play connection of all accessories
  • Keyboard with quick access to alarm, tare and setting keys
  • Simple calibration fine tuning to match the perfect weight at any moment
  • Overload control for machine safety
  • Block key function to freeze the weight displayed while feed mixer is in motion
  • Internal sound alarm informs operator when approaching and matching the target weight
  • Weight can be set in Kg or Pounds
  • Two case types available: UNIVERSAL CASE or SLIM CASE
  • All models of loading cells within the market can be connected

Direct connection up to 4 load cells direct connection. Available for universal case only.





  • The right indicator for precision feeding application that enables farmers to:
    - simply manage operators
  • - control working time and costs automatically
  • Flexible in use to adapt to any weighing tasks
  • Highly versatile for a full connectivity and compatibility with many peripheral technologies (NIR analyzers, distribution tracking systems, TMR quality control device etc..)
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