[Dinamica Generale] Precision Feeding Systems - FEEDELIO IC

Mã SP: [Dinamica Generale] FEEDELIO IC
The most efficient and innovative precision feeding system developed for structured and demanding farms


  • DG8000-IC weight indicator
  • DTM Core Software (Cloud IC Version)
  • GPRS modem for reliable data transfer
  • DTM App


  • Full automatic control of working time and costs from recipe preparation to material feedout of each group of animals
  • Control of the labor times
  • Control and manage of the inventory
  • Control dry matter for each ingredient
  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Ration and distribution programs set up on the pc and quickly transferred to the scale with the GPRS modem
  • FEEDELIO 8000-IC is a kit for aftermarket sales that can be installed at any time on each and every feed mixer on the market
  • Track loading and unloading accuracy of your operators directly on your smartphone thanks to the App available for Android and iOS
  • Management of refusals
  • Operator’s control through specific login
  • Fully integrated with NIR analysis systems
  • Premix management and traceability
  • Optimum feeding control for maximum beef and dairy production
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  • NIR Forage Analyzer - AgriNIR™
  • SP10 Smoke Point Tester D1322
  • Video X NIR Reveal