DTM Daily TMR Manager

Mã SP: DTM Daily TMR Manager
DTM is a feeding management software developed with farmers for farmers who wants to increase efficiency and farm perfomance. User-friendly interface, track feeding process with reports, graphs and KPI on your mobile, make better decisons.


  • Accurate control of feed costs, dry matter intake and refusal management
  • All processes are traceable, starting from raw material storage up to ration quality control/check
  • DTM software is flexible, friendly and allows better management of raw materials due to accurate loading
  • Full control of feeder(s) work
  • Accurate control of operations means more productivity and financial benefits for the farm
  • Control stock and purchasing planning at best
  • Detailed data report and graphs for statistical control
  • Ability to take actions in advance  
  • Feed Efficiency ratio (quantity of milk per cow per day/quantity of dry matter per cow per day)
  • Wifi wireless communication with no distance limits
  • Cloud-based system to store data on a remote server making it impossible to lose data.
  • Access available from your smartphone or tablet
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