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Mã SP: Solomix 1 STAT

Solomix 1 stationary feed mixer for feeding cattle

The Solomix 1 STAT for silage is a stationary feed mixer, featuring a single vertical auger and a chain or belt conveyor. The mixed hay or grass is discharged by the chain conveyor into a spreader, a robot, or onto a belt system. This diet feeder is suitable for both large and small-scale livestock breeders and is available in volumes ranging from 7-14 m³. Its simplicity means any maintenance costs are minimal and the machine operates at high efficiency.


Capacity 7-14 m³

Discharge type Front discharge

Strawblower No


  • - One door of the E-motor
  • - 3 Supports adjustable in height
  • - Wear ring
  • - Trioform auger knives short

- Tub, auger(s), chassis and wear ring out of St. 52

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