Mixing Roll Machine

Mã SP: [SALT] ST 150M

This equipment is a product designed to make sheet-type test pieces by repetitive mixing roll of high molecular materials such as silicon, rubber, plastic, compound etc.

ASTM D 1052, KS M 6721, ISO 5423

For its high-frequency heat-treated and hard chromium plated roll surface, this equipment is not scratched even after long use and maintains horizontality of surface, and Digital Position Meter installed in this equipment is designed to manufacture a sample with regular thickness and clean surface. As for heating type, dispersion of materials is excellent without deviation in the surface temperature as this equipment uses heat transfer through silicon oil.
Backdraft prevention system and safety catch are installed on the knee part for operator’ s safety, and number of revolution, temperature control and thickness adjustment of sample are also available.


ST 150M


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