SCITEQ Rapid Crack Propagation tester (RCP)

Mã SP: SCITEQ Rapid Crack Propagation tester (RCP)
For determining arrest or propagation of a crack initiated in a thermoplastic pipe intended for the supply of gases or liquids at a specific temperature and internal pressure. Small-scale steady-state test (S4 test). The SCITEQ RCP is designed with main focus on speed of use, accuracy, sturdy solid construction, and flexibility in use. The specified test temperature, pressure and measured crack length are shown on the touch screen and can be exported to Excel for further processing. Further, we offer remote support via our own software. Using a stroke cylinder at high air pressure ensures maximum energy at impact point. Impact speed can be regulated by means of the pre-pressure for the stroke cylinder.


  • Fixed speed setting of RCP hammer, unique SCITEQ feature
  • high accuracy RCP tool
  • quick shift sample tooling
  • high safety level
  • control stand with touch screen
  • remote support possible
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