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Mã SP: [SCITEQ] Parallel scratcher

Parallel scratchier

SCITEQ’s high accuracy parallel scratchier is for marking pipes around the circumference before carrying out longitudinal (heat) reversion tests. Both a table model and a portable model available. Further, a table model for inside marking of corrugated/rib pipes available

Product highlights

  • simple set-up
  • compact construction
  • easy maintenance
  • high accuracy


The unit is produced as a model for outside marking of samples, with a distance between the pins of 100mm, and alternatively with 3 pins, each with 100 mm between the pins, to ensure higher measuring accuracy. The standard model covers pipes with OD Ø40mm to Ø630mm.

The unit is also produced as one to make markings on the inside diameter of pipes. This unit is especially intended for corrugated and Rib/Ultrarib pipes where an outside marking is not possible.

The parallel scratchier complies with the standards ISO EN 743, ISO, EN 2505, ISO EN 3478 and BS2782 and equivalent.

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