Thiết bị đo độ bền va đập Charpy (cho Nhựa)

Mã SP: [SALT] ST-110C

Model : ST-110C
Application : rigid plastic, aluminum, glass 
Standard : ISO 179, KS M 3056

- Designed to measure the impact of plastic, aluminum, glass etc., this is the equipment that measures and records intrinsic impact and stress of a test piece automatically by giving a shock with regulated energy and measuring the size of absorbed energy after making a standard test piece as a notch with a definite depth in accordance with standards such as ASTM, ISO, JIS, KS etc.

- Impact Tester that obtained CE certification for the first time in Korea
- I-ZOD & CHARPY Dual Impact Tester
- Unitary transformation function and automatic calculation of impact value
- Measurement of low and high-temperature impact by environment chamber
- Applied User Guide Map function for the first time in Korea
(Function to provide user with test guidance)
- Graph & Data Report printing function
- Auto Calibration & Auto Memory function
- Software & Standard Deviation measuremen

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