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Mã SP: [SCITEQ] Wall thickness measurement gauge

Wall thickness measurement gauge

The smart design of the SCITEQ Wall thickness Measurement gauge allows for fast and accurate 360° measurements of wall thickness and ovality of pipes. The solution is suitable for pipe diameters from DN20 to DN630mm, pipe lengths of up to 1500mm and wall thickness from 0 to 70 mm.

Product highlights

  • simple set-up
  • compact table model
  • reliable test results
  • high accuracy
  • optional microprocessor


The SCITEQ pipe wall thickness gauge measures wall thickness offline with very high accuracy.

The pipe sample is placed in a fixed position on the roller frame allowing the pipe to be turned in a controlled and effortless manner. The risc of human error is eliminated with this motorized gauge. It is easy and quick to adjust. The solution ensures precise measuring of a large range of pipe dimensions.

The motorized gauge arm transfers the precise measurements directly to the processor and to the printer included. The data can easilly be transferred to your computer on request. The test results are conveniently shown both in histograms and as calculations for both absolute and comparative measurements.

The wall thickness measurement gauge complies with the standard ISO 3126.

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