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Nhà cung cấp: TELEDYNE CETAC
Model: ASX-560

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See why users call Teledyne CETAC Autosamplers the best on the market. Put the most reliable, longest-lasting autosampler to work in your lab for the seemingly endless demands of sample analyses. Whether your lab is small, mid-sized, or very large, there’s a model to meet your needs!

  • Polymer cover, base and sample tray
  • Carbon fiber arm and z-drive
  • No exposed metal parts
  • Flowing rinse station with on-board peristaltic pump
  • 10 standards positions for 50 mL vials
  • Flexible sample rack configurations
  • Fast, fluid movement
  • ​​Multiple accessory options

Key Features

​Every feature of Teledyne CETAC Autosamplers is designed to simplify  analysis and save time. That starts with making a reliable machine backed by a 2 year warranty. Other invaluable features include:

  • Chemically resistant materials
  • Optional dual rinse station
  • Fluid mechanical operation
  • ​Configurable XYZ movement
  • Dust Cover Enclosure (optional)