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End closure mounting / de-mounting machine – ECMM


End closure mounting / de-mounting machine – ECMM

Thông số cơ bản

Tiêu chuẩn: ASTM D1598, ASTM D1599, ISO 1167
Ứng dụng: Attaching and removing the plastic pipe seal
Công nghệ phân tích:
Nhà cung cấp: Sciteq
Model: End closure mounting/de-mounting machine

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The SCITEQ End Closure Mounting de-mounting machine (ECMM) optimizes the preparation of large pipe samples – saving time and cost on mounting and de-mounting end closures.


The hydraulic towers forcing the end closures on to the pipe are safely controlled from remote control. The  clamps secure fixation of the top cap, allowing for safe and convenient manual fine tuning. The design secures accurate mounting of the end cap ensuring no leakage while testing. The SCITEQ End Closure Mounting machine complies with the standards ASTM D 1598, ASTM D 1599 and ISO 1167.

Saving time

The process normally requires min. 2 – 3 people for several hours plus force from an external source to ensure 100% tight sealing. The design enables operation by only one person – even when handling very large samples.

High durability

The European build End Closure Mounting machine is extremely robust, constructed with heavy duty parts and high level of hydraulic force. The machine is

designed to handle end closures for pipes in PE, PEX, PVC, PP, ABS in sizes up to OD 2000mm (Adaptors available for non-SCITEQ end closures).

For more information and technical specifications please see the brochure.


  • ASTM D 1598
  • ASTM D 1599
  • ISO 1167

Associated equipment to the end closure mounting de-mounting machine

Associated equipment to the End closure mounting / de-mounting machine

  • End-closures – air frame for large diameters. Model 1525
  • X-ACT modular pressure
  • ECO-line thermo tanks 0 – 95 C
  • Laboratory saw