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Gas Chromatography SYSTEM FOR ANALYSIS OF BENZEN AND Aromatic Compounds According to ASTM D5769


Gas Chromatography SYSTEM FOR ANALYSIS OF BENZEN AND Aromatic Compounds According to ASTM D5769

Thông số cơ bản

Tiêu chuẩn: ASTM D5769
Ứng dụng: Analysis of benzene/aromatic compounds
Công nghệ phân tích:
Nhà cung cấp: Da Vinci LS
Model: DVLS Oxygenates / Aromatics Analyzer

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DVLS Benzene in Air Analyzer

To comply with the strict emission requirements for Benzene exposure and other volatile hydrocarbons at a refinery it is essential to determine the air quality and detect the emissions at ppm level. The Benzene in Air Analyzer developed by Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions is an automated Gas Chromatographic solution to determine the Benzene emissions and the C1-C6 hydrocarbons. The integrated sample preparation allows the sampling up to eight gaseous samples.

Analysis of benzene emissions in air

The Benzene in Air application is based on an Agilent Technologies Gas Chromatograph configured with a sampling unit that uses a pump, a mass flow controller and a multi-positioning valve to collect samples from e.g. a Tedlar bag or to takie a sample directly from the outside air.

Collect the samples in Tedlar bags and use the stream selection valve to select either standards, samples and/or multiple samples for an automated analysis. An injection port is modified to contain a sorbent tube as an injection port liner to ensures a rapid absorption and desorption of Benzene.

Alternatively collect the sample on a sorbent trap using a programmable sampling pump. The sorbent trap is placed in the inlet and automatically purged prior to thermal desorption and subsequent analysis. This proven sampling technique has already been used for the analysis of VOC in air.

Up to eight samples or standards can be automatically selected and sampled. The gas sampling unit automates the process of sampling, absorbing and desorbing. After benzene has eluted from the precolumn to the polar column, the remainder of the matrix is backflushed to vent.

Based on this configuration the GC application determines the Benzene emissions and C1-C6 hydrocarbons in air samples in one consecutive run.


The Benzene in Air application shows an excellent performance as demonstrated in the tables using a custom calibration gas standard.

Table One: Detection limits of Benzene in Air.

    Maximum Value 
Benzene 0.0026 0.0085 700

Table Two: Repeatability of Benzene in Air

Component     Average
    Standard deviation        % RSD
Benzene 1083.84 17.00 1.6