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Leak tightness tester – LTT


Leak tightness tester – LTT

Thông số cơ bản

Tiêu chuẩn: EN 1277
Ứng dụng: Test the connection of the underground plastic pipe system
Công nghệ phân tích:
Nhà cung cấp: Sciteq
Model: LTT

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The SCITEQ Leak Tightness Test seamlessly performs all steps of the test required by the EN ISO 13259 (supersedes EN ISO 1277) standard. The LTT is one of the markets most durable and robust solutions for testing joints of buried plastic pipe systems.


The leak tightness tester performs test of the tightness of elastomeric sealing ring joints for buried thermoplastics non-pressure piping systems. The rigid and robust construction of the SCITEQ leak tightness tester ensures reliable test results of up to Ø1600 mm plastic pipes – even larger pipe dimensions on request.

Automatic and extremely durable

The testing principle comprises exposing the test pipe to a vacuum (internal negative air pressure) for a specific period, filling the test pipe with water and subsequently exposing the pipe to an internal hydrostatic pressure for a specific period. During testing, the joint will be subjected to deflection. The automatic deflection system and floating beams ensures a 100% correct diametric- and angular deflection of the pipe. The automatic water supply system also includes a bleed function that maintains pressure below maximum test pressure while the sample is filled. Furthermore, the built-in drainage system means that you easily and quickly can repeat tests.

Each stage of the test is monitored in order to establish a possible joint leakage.

The SCITEQ Leak Tightness tester enables you to test according to the standard EN ISO 13259. Please contact us for further information on the test procedure and please refer to technical specifications in the brochure.

For more information and technical specifications please request the brochure.

Associated equipment to the leak tightness test

Associated equipment

  • Burst & high capacity pressure test – HCP
  • Point load tester
  • Parallel scratchier
  • End closures – Air-frame for large diameters. Model 1525


  • ISO EN 13259 (supersedes EN ISO 1277)