Đầu bịt ống nhựa có thanh nối (Model 1530 & 1550)

Mã SP: [SCITEQ] End closures with tie-bar. Model 1530 & 1550

End closures with tie-bar. Model 1530 & 1550

Model 1530 & 1550.

Certified stainless steel end closures with tie-bar. Tightens 100% to the pipe and is a highly durable solution with a proven lifetime of over 30 years.

The end closures seal off the sample in order to generate internal pressure in the sample for internal hydrostatic pressure testing of pipes.

Max. pressure depends on standard, specifications and pipe sample diameter.

Product highlights

  • easy mounting
  • time saving
  • unique design
  • perfect sealing
  • AISI 304 certified stainless steel
  • Acid resistant AISI 316 (optional)


The SCITEQ end closures with tie-bar model 1530 are produced purely in stainless steel. The length of the tie-bar (rod) is defined in the appropriate testing standard. For example according to ISO 1167:2006 – Part 2: The free length, lo, of the pipe between end caps shall be at least three times the nominal outside diameter, dn, with a minimum of 250mm. If, for pipes with dn greater than 315mm, the specified minimum free length, lo, cannot be achieved, a shorter free length, lo, may be chosen with a minimum of two times dn, unless otherwise specified in the referring standard or specification.

End closures with a tie-bar are produced for pipes in PE, PVC and PP. End closures are produced with a specific depth from O-ring to the internal bottom which ensures that even on chamfered and oval PE-pipes, the end closure is 100% tight while pressurising. The SCITEQ end closures with tie-bar model 1530 complies with the standards ASTM D 1598, ASTM D 1599 and ISO 1167.

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