HDT / VICAT Tester

Mã SP: [SALT] ST-140H

Application: Plastic

ISO 306, KS M 3076, ASTM D 1525, D 638, ISO 75

As a tester for finding a heat distortion temperature or Vicat softening point of plastic materials, this equipment increases temperature of thermal media at standard speed by putting a sample into oil bath, and examines when regulated modified value reaches to a certain temperature value by giving a regular load to the test piece.

In general, softening temperature which is in proportional relation with the density of resin becomes an important criterion to compare heat softening of thermoplastic resin, and as the degree of materials’ bearing up against heat, the temperature value is used widely not only for evaluating if the material is appropriate for the use but for managing quality and understanding of the characteristics of products. Using exclusive software, user can save, manage and print various graphs and data.

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