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Mã SP: [SCITEQ] Thermal cycling TCA

The SCITEQ thermal cycling TCA open loop series is mainly used to determine the leakage status of composite pipes and fittings when subjected to specified cycling times under specified internal pressure load.

Product highlights

  • high accuracy temperature control
  • low maintenance
  • sliding doors providing easy sample access
  • automatic energy saving system
  • high flexibility
  • touch panel-PC


The SCITEQ thermal cycling tester, TCA is designed to determine the resistance and stability of thermoplastic pipework and connections consisting of stiff or flexible parts when subjected to alternating thermal shock. This applies to pipework systems intended to be used for conveying hot and cold pressurized water.

Safe and easy

The design of the system allows for easy access to all sample strings from three sides.  The closed yet transparent test room has sliding doors providing easy sample access, while also enabling full visual inspection during test.

The system has non-pressurized water reservoirs ensuring safe operation as well as minimizing maintenance costs. The test system only contains 5% pressurized water.

The complete TCA system is operated from a user-friendly control touch panel PC. Several emergency shut-down systems are installed to ensure a 100% safe operation environment. All doors are locked electronically once the pressure pump is running as a safety feature.

Accuracy and energy saving

The pressure is delivered by high quality Grundfoss pumps and the system has an automatic water filling and circulation feature ensuring full tank and consistent temperatures. The automatic energy saving system controlled by the SCITEQ control touch panel PC delays hot water flow to the cold water tank and visa versa during hot and cold water cycle changeover.

High quality components and an extremely precise electromagnetic flow measurement ensures high accuracy with deviation of only +/- 0,4%.

Testing results are easily transferred to i.e. Excel for further processing.

The system complies with the following standards EN 12293, EN ISO 15875-5, ISO 10 508, BS 7291, DWG W 542, DWG W 543, DWG W 534 and equivalent.

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