Melt Flow Indexer

Mã SP: [SALT] ST-160 & ST-160A

Synthetic resin, Plastic raw material

ASTM D 1238, KS M 3070

2 Models:

 - M.F.I is equipment that measures melting index by calculating the amount of resin extruded for 10 minutes by giving regular load to and pressing out resin in the regulated die after melting resin at constant temperature.
 - Durability of ST-160 is excellent for Incoloy special heater installed in it, and ST-160 also realized excellent repeatability and reliability for measurement of all samples based on the high-precision orifice.
 - For its automatic cutting type, ST-160A can prevent errors caused by different operators by cutting sample automatically according to the set time.
 - High-precision Orifice (∮2.095 ±0.005)
 - Auto Cutting System (QM280A)
 - Ni-Cr Special Heater (Excellent durability)
 - Simultaneous Measurement of MFR & MVR (Option)


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