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PC SCITEQ software

SCITEQ’s own Windows based PC software with user-friendly interface enabling remote control, test logging and report generation.


  • - Windows based
  • - flexible solution
  • - touch screen solution
  • - upgradeable
  • - system integration
  • - documented testing
  • - intuitive operation

The PC SCITEQ Software is compatible with all of the SCITEQ-2000 and X-ACT generation of pressure testing systems. To ensure easy and flexible operation, we have launched a movable user-friendly touch screen solution.

Document pressure testing with SCITEQ’s Windows based PC software package. PC SCITEQ offers the system integration and login facilities to satisfy the most demanding users. One of the many features is the possibility of online support via safe internet connection. This means that upload of software updates, trouble shooting as well as remote control of PC SCITEQ/SCITEQ-2000 is an option.

PC SCITEQ allows printing of test reports to document and presentation of all test results. In order to customise your own test reports it is possible to implement a logo of your own choice.

The optional touch screen allows a great deal of flexibility. The modern and up-to-date design will suit any laboratory. Place the PC stand where it suits you and enjoy easy access to all test parameters and data. The working height is pleasant and ergonomically correct.

SCITEQ’s browser based software is accessible from any device – anywhere.

The intuitive and extremely easy-to-learn interface enables easy operation and control of few as well as many simultaneous pressures tests with features such as dynamically adjusted finish time, full station overview and click less maneuvering.

Recipes are quickly set-up, saving time when starting up a new test (diameter) as well as repeating saved test parameters. Up to four different user-levels from Basic to Advanced, ensuring not only easy operation, but also offering simultaneous ‘view-only’ access for your interested partners and clients.

For more information and technical specifications please see the brochure.

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