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Mã SP: [SCITEQ] Cyclic Pressure Test

Cyclic Pressure Test

The unique and advanced open-loop system of the SCITEQ cyclic pressure tester is capable of performing pressure tests in the range 0,5 to 60 bar.

Product highlights

  • Up to 60 cycles under 1 minute
  • stand-alone system with pressure source, individual pressure stations and control system
  • “valveless” system and the
  • state-of-the-art water hydraulic components
  • airless pressure testing equipment
  • easy to install and to operate
  • easy and extremely fast data transfer


The unique magnetic drive system combined with high-resolution linear encoders offer considerably higher accuracy compared with conventional systems.

The system offers accuracy of ± 0,5 bar on setup pressure and saw-tooth pressure cycles up to 60 ± 2 cycles pr. minute with a sample volume 75 mL / cycle (piston pump).

The automatic bleed function will always ensure that the sample is sufficiently aired-out (bleeding) before each test. This essential feature ensures accuracy is maintained during the complete test.

Test cycles are 100% stabile and rigid due to the ‘valve less’ design in combination with the auto bleed function. Furthermore the need for maintenance is minimal due to both the ‘valveless’ system and the magnetic drive.

The control touch panel with intuitive software solution offering a.o. automatic settings according to the specific sample ‘fingerprint’ as well as the following features:

  • Easy integration of complex algorithms
  • Rapid controller startup
  • Automatic bleed function
  • Software access via browser
  • Remote access for service

The SCITEQ cyclic pressure tester complies with the standards ASTM D 1598, ASTM D 1599 and ISO 1167

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