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Mã SP: [SCITEQ] Point Load tester

Point load tester

The SCITEQ Point Load tester is used for determining the resistance to slow crack growth of polyethylene pipes with external point load. Complying with the standard PAS 1075:2009 Annex A3. PAS 1075 

Product highlights:

  • automatic settings
  • high pressure control and accuracy
  • simple operation
  • individual circulation pumps for each sample
  • individual pressure for each sample
  • flexibility in no. of point load points
  • upgrade of existing thermo tank possible to run PLT
  • robust construction


 The PLT system complies with the standard PAS 1075:2009 Annex A3. PAS 1075 defines characteristics, requirements and test methods for pipes made of PE for alternative installation procedures.

The PLT system consists of three main parts, namely the PLT pressure station cabinet, the PLT thermo tank and the PLT frames with the circular 4-screw point load testing unit and end closures.

A pipe sample mounted with end closures is placed in the open PLT frame where the pipe sample rests on the frame. Subsequently the PLT unit is mounted on the frame and the four PLT screws are fixed on the pipe sample and adjusted. The PLT frame is ready to be emerged into the thermo tank where the pipe sample can be aired out and pressurized.

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