Thiết bị xác định độ bền chịu nhiệt của Diclometan ở nhiệt độ quy định


Methylene chloride tester – MCT

The SCITEQ MCT Cabinet automatically performs each step of the Methylene Chloride test, while ensuring both optimal safety and valid results. Offering easy operation with colour touch screen control. Complies with standards ISO 580, B and ISO 9852 or equivalent.

The MCT cabinet is offered in two designs suitable for a large range sample dimensions.

Product highlights

  • high accuracy temperature control
  • minimal energy loss
  • precision
  • unique design
  • easily accessible service components
  • table model also available


For determining the resistance of PVC-U pipes to dichlormethan at a specified temperature. Determination of the gelation level in PVC pipes and profiles by means of the MC test (1 temperature) or the MCT test (2 temperatures). The gelation of PVC is one of the most important product quality considerations. The gelation has an influence on impact strength and resistance to internal pressure. There are various methods to determine the gelation level in PVC pipes and profiles; the most common one is to use Methylene chloride according to various standards. Commonly used are the MC test and the MCT test.

Safety features

With the MC test you test PVC with only one temperature, and on an untreated cut surface. With the MCT test you test PVC on a precision milled surface, commonly in two different temperatures. The Methylene Chloride Temperature Test Cabinets from SCITEQ can be used both for MC and MCT test, and can be supplied with one, two or even three different temperature tanks at the same time.

The cabinet has several safety features ensuring a safe work environment. In addition to the build-in exhaust fan the safety cover enables ensures that fumes are kept inside and removed by the exhaust fan, while enabling a safe view of the table top and the tank. Further, the sample is automatically lifted through the clean water, rinsing the sample for methylene chloride ensuring safe handling.

Consistent temperature

The build-in cooling unit and the heavy insulation ensure a fully consistent temperature within the range of 15-30° Celsius. Test temperature is logged and monitored real-time on the controller and can be exported to computer (optional).

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