Thiết bị xác định độ bền với sự phát triển nhanh của vết nứt (RCP)

Mã SP: [SCITEQ] RCP tester

Rapid Crack Propagation tester – RCP

The SCITEQ Rapid Crack Propagation Tester offers exceptional accuracy when testing plastic pipes.

The unique drive, ensures stable, accurate and guaranteed speeds of up to 15,0 meters per second and unparalleled accuracy of +/- 0,1 meter per second. Complying with the Standard ISO 13477.

Product highlights

  • Fixed speed setting of RCP hammer, unique SCITEQ feature
  • high accuracy RCP tool
  • quick shift sample tooling
  • high safety level
  • control stand with touch screen
  • remote support possible


For determining arrest or propagation of a crack initiated in a thermoplastic pipe intended for the supply of gases or liquids at a specific temperature and internal pressure. Small-scale steady-state test (S4 test). ISO 13477

The SCITEQ RCP is designed with main focus on speed of use, accuracy, sturdy solid construction, and flexibility in use. The specified test temperature, pressure and measured crack length are shown on the touch screen and can be exported for further processing. Velocity speeds are easy to adjust and can be set to values between 10 to 15,0 meters per second, enabling you to easily determine and prove exact pipe resilience.

Automatic conveyor

The Rapid Crack Propagation Tester is equipped with an automatic conveyor system. The flexibility of the conveyor platform allows you to test a wide range of sample dimensions. Diameters are clearly marked on the conveyor, thus making it easy to identify where to place the brackets holding the test unit. The sensor detects correct positioning of sample, allowing the test to be initiated. Changing the striker knife is easy. Simply unscrew the bolts holding the knife and change it to the intended dimension.

Safe and fast

The safe and fast operation means that ambient temperatures have little to no effect on the sample, thus giving you precise and accurate results. The safety measures of the SCITEQ Rapid Crack Propagation Tester ensure safe and secure tests – every time. Tests shows that the entire process can be done in less than a minute. Time recording includes retrieving the conditioned sample from conditioning chamber, loading onto conveyor and impacting – all in only 50 sekunds.

The RCP complies with the standard ISO 13 477.

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