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Disintegration Tester with Camera

Disintegration Tester

Disintegration Tester with Camera

Thông số cơ bản

Tiêu chuẩn: USP <701/2040> and EP <2.9.1/> Pharmacopoeia
Ứng dụng: Disintegration Tester
Công nghệ phân tích:
Nhà cung cấp: Logan Instruments
Model: DST-3C

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Disintegration Tester

Describe Disintegration Tester with Camera DST-3C

  • The DST-3C disintegration test instruments are available as single, double and triple station systems
  • They are equipped in full compliance with the current USP <701/2040> and EP <2.9.1/> Pharmacopoeia
  • DST disintegration tester complies with ChP, USP…etc requirements. It is used for  disintegration test for solid dosage, mouth film, etc


  • LED backlight kit for easier observation
  • Each basket control station operates individually
  • Audio alert before end of the test, basket rise up for inspection after the test
  • Built-in printer
  • Easy operation
  • Anti-corrosive lifting device meets USP requirements
  • There is a camera system to monitor and record the disintegration process ( Option)
  • Built-in LED light for easy viewing


  • For easy cleaning and maintenance, the Plexiglas water bath can be easily removed. Fast Tube Couplings connect the tubing to the heating system. The digital controlled stroke mechanism is automatically adjusted to provide the USP / EP specified 30 strokes a minute to each station.
  • At the end of a test run, each basket is completely removed from the test media by the individual basket lift device. This feature is particularly useful if sustained released products are tested, which may require a medium change during the run.
  • The instruments have a method and a user management system. Methods can be programmed, edited and stored directly on the instrument. Users can be created and assigned different user levels according to their roles (method or standard user, only one Admin).
  • Access to the instrument is protected by a login with username and password. Optionally a quick test menu can be accessed without logging in to the instrument first. This way tests can be performed with the instrument in case user access control and testing according to defined methods is not required.


Some of the highlights the DST instruments offer are:

  • Select from models with 1, 2 and 3 stations to ideally meet your workload
  • Independent movement of all test stations
  • Automated lift to raise samples out of the medium at the end of a test
  • Automated time log when disintegration is observed
  • Integrated method management system
  • Excellent access to all vessels
  • IQ and OQ documents included free of charge

Standard Scope of  Supply

The DST instruments come ready to use with the following standard scope of supply:

  • One six position “A type” disintegration baskets for each testing station
  • One set of six glass tubes for each disintegration basket
  • One set of six disintegration disks for each disintegration basket
  • One 1 liter glass beaker for each testing station
  • User manual
  • IQ documentation
  • OQ documentation


In addition to the standard scope of supply Logan offers a broad range of accessories and options including:

  • Alternative three position “B type” disintegration baskets for larger samples
  • Camera
  • Report  printer

Standard Disintegration Basket

  • The standard disintegration basket is supplied with 6 glass tubes and 6 plastic discs.
  • Optionally, the 3 tube basket for larger samples according to apparatus “B” of the EP <> and USP <2040>, can be used without any further modifications.




  • DST feature dedicated calibration programs for temperature, basket movement and timer function.
  • The result can be documented by a print-out. The user is guided through each step of the calibration and a report is printed automatically.

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Technical Specifications

Number of testing stations DST-1C: 1 basket; DST-2C: 2 baskets ; DST-3C: 3 baskets
Stroke height Fixed at 55mm ±2mm
Stroke frequency 30 – 90 strokes / minute
Stroke accuracy ± 1 stroke
Temperature range Adjustable from 30.0 to 50.0 °C
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5 °C
Testing time Adjustable from 00:00:01 to 99:59:59 (hh:mm:ss)
Display LCD
Interfaces RS-232 printer port for optional external printer
Power 110-120VAC 60Hz / 220-240VAC 50Hz-60Hz
Instrument dimensions 18″ x 18″ x 26″ (DxWxH)
Ambient temperature 4-35°C, humidity 85%
Noise level 60dB
Certification All components certified to USP / EP requirements
Validation All IQ & OQ documents included