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ASTM D 2892 Standard


ASTM D 2892 Standard

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Tiêu chuẩn: ASTM D 2892
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The ASTM D 2892  (TBP,  True Boiling Point) can fractionise crude oils from 15°C up to 420°C AET (atmospheric equivalent temperature) at pressure stages down to 1 Torr. 

The distillation column has 15 -18 theoretical plates and complies fully with the ASTM D 2892. 

Different column packings are available: 

Propac (mostly used),  Helipac,  SulzerPac,  Raschig-Rings (metal or glass) or others upon request.

Also real plate columns are available. The distillation plant runs entirely automatically starting from debutanization at atmospheric pressure via several vacuum stages down to a minimum pressure of 1 Torr and a final cooling sequence.

Soft- and Hardware are constructed for unattended operation and fullfil most todays laboratory safety requirements.

Fractions are collected and measured in their final receiver, which are sealed closed when a receiver is changed.

The butane fraction is collected in two gas traps. The cooling of the gas traps can be done by using dry ice or a thermostat (-60 °C).