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EN ISO 1182 Non Combustibility System

  • EN ISO 1182 - Thử nghiệm tính không cháy

EN ISO 1182 Non Combustibility System

Thông số cơ bản

Tiêu chuẩn: EN ISO 1182; ISO 1182; IMO FTPC Phần 1; ASTM E2652; BS 476 Phần 4; BS 476 Phần 11
Ứng dụng: The IS0 1182 flammability test specifies a procedure for determining whether a material directly contributes to the development of a fire.
Công nghệ phân tích: Non-Flammability Test
Model: Non – combustibility test equipment

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The EN ISO 1182 Non-combustibility test is one of the series of Euroclass test standards. This test specifies a procedure for determining whether or not a material will contribute directly to fire development and is relevant to classification of all building products (including floorings) into classes A1 and A2.

The furnace assembly consists of an electrically heated vertical furnace tube within an insulated surround which is mounted on a frame, which includes an air flow stabiliser, draught shield and screen. The apparatus is provided complete with a specimen holder, a specimen insertion device and three thermocouples. One for measuring the furnace wall temperature, one positioned centrally inside the sample and one positioned to one side of the sample position as stipulated in the standard. Thermocouple positioning supports are also included. The new Thermal Sensor as required in the EN standard is also included. The apparatus is also designed to comply with the requirements of ISO 1182.

Concept Equipment are able to offer a high end temperature control system coupled with a data acquisition and software package to control the standardised ISO 1182 furnace and provide an effective and user friendly DAQ solution. This DAQ solution offers a modern replacement to the manual power setting and chart recorder systems previously used with this apparatus.

Specification & Features

Control module features:

  • Custom frame with integrated control module
  • Stabilised power supply providing constant voltage to the furnace windings
  • Advanced automatic furnace conditioning, temperature measurement, test monitoring and data acquisition
  • Furnace wall, sample centre and sample surface thermocouples
  • Stainless steel specimen holder and specimen insertion device
  • Digital display/interface indicates furnace, sample and sample surface temperatures
  • Air flow stabiliser, draught shield and screen
  • The system also calculates the average/maximum temperature and drift values and updates the display every 5 seconds
  • Single ‘push button’ furnace conditioning
  • Grooved design furnace assembly
  • Unique ‘first time heating’ cycle,allowing controlled heating of new furnaces at 100°C/ hour
  • ‘Calibration’ cycle to allow calibration of the furnace, as specified in the standard
  • Test monitoring to identity stabilisation of sample. Once achieved, the system automatically indicates the end of test
  • High scan rate Data Acquisition including: recording and display of all temperatures against test time, Calibration routines, event marking of material behavior on data
  • Windows 10 compatible software including extensive on screen data acquisition. Easy raw data exchange into MS Excel to allow report generation in MS Word and Excel. MS Word and Excel are not included
  • Push button recording of flaming events. This signal is time stamped and transmitted to the data acquisition module
  • Thermal sensor as required in the EN standard is also included

Technical Data & Requirements

  • Electrical: 110 – 230 volts Single phase
  • Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C
  • Draft free environment strongly recommended
  • Extraction hood required above furnace