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Humidifying Intake Air Tower


Humidifying Intake Air Tower

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Model: SSD5000

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We have extensive experience with closed loop cooling systems in other types of instrumentation. Taking that knowledge forward and adapting it to the issues related to the cooling of the carbs and condenser s on the Waukesha engines. We also with the Stanco Cooling tower have integrated a heavy duty vaporizer into the system. We have also integrated a Chilled mirror controller into the system to monitor the grains per pound of humidified air going to your engine.


  • Solves common problems with existing systems.
  • A semi-sealed 2000 ML reservoir Auxillary reservoir in addition to the main 2000ml cooler resevoir for cooling carbs and heat exchangers. This will aid in the minimization of microbial growth in the cooling system since there is no fresh air introducted to the system after it is setup and bled.
  • A 24 volt direct drive coolant pumping system that is easy to disassemble and clean if necessary.
  • Level sensor in the main reservoir that shuts down pump to prevent system damage or major leaks when fluid level drops past the set level.
  • Float switch indication, pump operation LED indicates system is operating correctly.
  • Hinged lid to allow cleaning of cooling head offering complete access for cleaning.
  • Cooling system switchable from normal cooling 45F liquid to extreme cooling 20F at the flick of a switch.
  • Integrated Brass 4way valve for longer life and ease of use if the user wants to switch from carb and intake cooling to just intake cooling.


  • Separate system uses tap water to supply the atomization to the 6 liter water bath. The bath doesn’t need to be watched as it has an integrated fill valve in the incoming water line.
  • The factory life span of 5 vaporizer discs is approximately 5,000 hours. This can be reduced or improved based on your water quality, and whether or not you maintain your vaporizer by cleaning the discs every three to six months.
  • The vaporizer doesn’t have ANY led’s. They just leak and cause failure, as well as promote algae growth in the tank. Ony ceramic vaporizer disks are used for longer worry free operation.
  • Vaporizer will process 1900 ml/ hour of 5 micron droplets.
  • Outlet to the engine has vanes to allow the air to gently swirl to mix the air and vapor minimizing and chance of stratification in the intake tube to the engine.


  • The Edgetech Instruments DewTrak II-MO™ dew point / humidity transmitter is an optical chill mirror hygrometer designed to continuously measure the moisture content in gases. The instrument is powered by 24Vdc.
  • The DewTrak II-MO™ uses the chilled mirror dew point temperature condensation principle to determine the water vapor concentration in gas mixtures, and a platinum resistance thermometer to accurately measure that temperature. Outputs include 4 to 20mA, 0 to 5 Vdc, or 0-10Vdc and an RS232 serial port as well as electrically isolated relay contacts.
  • NEW! Model DX primary method chilled mirror dew/frost point sensor with an integral PRT temperature sensor. Offers a wide operating range and improved temperature stability.
  • 4 wire PRT measurement for Dew Point and AT (optional)
  • ±0.2°C Accuracy for both Dew Point and Temperature
  • Long term stability and repeatability
  • RS232, bi-directional, Serial Output for ease of reprograming with stock port on the side of the instrument
  • Electronics housed in IP65 enclosure (Wall Mount)
  • Aluminum housing for other configurations
  • 2 analog outputs (4-20mA / 0-5Vdc to 0-10Vdc selectable)


  • Humidity control and fluid pumping are all 24Volt DC
  • Cooler and Vaporizer are 125VAC.