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Thông số cơ bản

Tiêu chuẩn: USEPA 245.1, US EPA 245.5, US EPA 245.6, US EPA 7470A, US EPA 7471B, EN 1483, EN 13806, ISO 12846
Ứng dụng: diverse fields such as research, food, agriculture, environment, mining, energy...
Công nghệ phân tích: Chemical reduction followed by cold vapor atomic absorption (CVAA)
Nhà cung cấp: Teledyne Leemans Lab

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Hydra IIAA CVAA Mercury Analyzer​

Hydra IIAA Mercury Analyzer delivers both the performance needed to meet tightening regulatory demands and the productivity needed for laboratories to operate efficiently. Its parts-per-trillion detection limits, exceptional stability and unique over-range protection easily satisfy the most stringent QCs. Its high capacity autosampler with extra large CCV/CCB containers permits long periods of unattended operation.

Hydra IIAA Mercury Analyzer Delivers:


Achieve Lower Reporting Limits ≤ 5ng/L Detection Limit
Perform Fewer Dilutions Dynamic Range from ng/L to mg/L
Analyze Difficult/Foamy Samples 3rd generation gas/liquid separator
Satisfy QCs with Ease Excellent long-term stability
Eliminate Sample Preparation Direct Analysis Option


High Capacity Autosampler
  • 180 sample capacity with option to go to 270 sample capacity rack
  • Large CCV & CCB reservoirs
  • Smart Rinse to minimize sample cycle
Advanced Contamination Control
  • Unique Over-Range Protection
  • Flow through rinse
  • ​Interchangeable sample introduction

Unparalleled Support
  • Built-in Maintenance schedule
  • On-line audio/visual help
  • Overnight service​​

Common Methods

  • ​EPA Method 245.1
  • ​​EPA Method 245.5
  • ​​EPA Method 245.6
  • ​​EPA Method 7470​​A
  • ​​EPA Method 7471B
  • ​​EN 1483
  • ​​EN13806
  • ​​ISO 12846​

Key Features

  • ​≤ 5.0 ng/L instrument detection limits
  • Dual detection cells for high or low sample concentrations, configurable in minutes; usable ranges, 5 ng/L – 1 mg/L
  • Advanced contamination control, over range and smart rinse features
  • Large volume QC reservoirs for uninterrupted large batch analytical runs
  • Upgradeable to a combustion (thermal ​decomposition) CVAA analyzer