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U-Visc kinematic viscometer

  • Máy đo độ nhớt tự động U-VISC 220 – 2 bể
  • Máy Đo Độ Nhớt Tự Động với 4 Mode

U-Visc kinematic viscometer

Thông số cơ bản

Tiêu chuẩn: ASTM D445, D446, D2270; IP 71; ISO 3104, ISO 3105, ISO 2909; DIN 51562; FTM 791-305; NF T 60-100
Ứng dụng: Diesel oil (DO), lubricants,…
Công nghệ phân tích: Automatic Viscosity Measurement Technology
Nhà cung cấp: OMNITEK
Model: U-Visc 220

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The Omnitek U-Visc is the next generation of completely automatic viscometry systems.

The system combines several unique features, making it the instrument of choice in many applications, ranging from QC to R&D to used oil analysis. While offering full compliance with ASTM D445/446, the specially designed viscometer tubes cover a 100-fold range, e.g. from 1 to 100 mm2/s. The tubes are based on the well-known and proven Ubbelohde design, but only require 8-16 ml of sample and approx. 12-15 ml of solvent for cleaning. Available with single or dual solvent cleaning, the instrument measures kinematic viscosity in Newtonian fluids like lubricants, fuels or dissolved plastics between 0.15 and 25,000 mm2/s.

Designed to be versatile and flexible, yet easy use. Different models are available range from 1 bath with 1 or 2 viscometer tubes, up to 2 baths with 1 or 2 viscometer tubes per bath, where each bath works independently. Sophisticated temperature control ensures that measurements are carried out well within limits specified by ASTM D445. Each bath features a 32-position sampling tray (16 samples per tube), allowing completely unattended operation. Depending on the viscosity of the sample, the instrument can process up to 40 measurements per hour, satisfying even the needs of high volume labs running several hundred samples per day.

Samples can be introduced using vacuum or pressure. The latter avoids evaporation of sample, which can be a point of concern in some dilute viscosity applications. Viscometers are easily exchanged in minutes instead of hours, minimizing downtime. All surfaces of the viscometer tubes, including the outside bottom, which is in contact with the sample, are thoroughly cleaned and dried using solvents and air.

U-Visc 110 / 120 / 210 / 220
Measuring range 0.15 – 25,000 mm2/s @ 40°C
Temperature range 15 – 150°C *
Temperature stability 15°C to 100°C ± 0.01°C *
Up to 150°C, ± 0.03°C
Timer accuracy 0.001 s
Sample volume 8 ml – 16 ml
Sample introduction Vacuum / Pressure
Solvent consumption 10 – 12 ml per cycle / 12 – 15 ml per cycle (single / dual)
Sample throughput U-Visc 110: up to 10 measurements per hour **

U-Visc 120: up to 20 measurements per hour **

U-Visc 210: up to 20 measurements per hour **

U-Visc 220: up to 40 measurements per hour **

Applicable standards ASTM D445, D446, D2270, ISO3104, ISO3105, IP 71, ISO 2909, DIN 51562.
Viscometer type Ubbelohde based
Sensor type Thermal / Optical
Optional preheater Yes
Optional duplo measurement Yes
Dual Solvent cleaning Yes
Communication RS-232C
PC software Yes
PC control Multiple instruments controlled with 1 PC
Data Export USB storage device
Dimensions / Weight U-Visc 110 / 120: 38 x 62 x 78 cm (w x d x h) / 54 kg (empty)

U-Visc 210 / 220: 75 x 62 x 78 cm (w x d x h) / 92 kg (empty)

Power requirement U-Visc 110 / 120: 10A @ 230 V

U-Visc 210/ 220: 16A @ 230 V

Optional accessories & upgrades

Following items are optional accessories and upgrades to the instrument.

Sample pre-heater

All U-Visc versions can be equipped with a sample pre-heater unit suitable to heat up fluids and solids from ambient up to 120 °C (controllable). Sample pre-heating is applicable to every tube, so ultimately a U-Visc 220 may be equipped with 4 sample pre-heaters.

Cooling circulator

For measurements close to ambient (± 8°C), an additional cooling circulator is required to create sufficient offset for the temperature control unit. Baths contain cooling spiral, to which an external cooling circulator can be easily connected. Complete with tubing and fittings. Cooling circulator will be supplied separately on request.


Omnitek U-Visc systems operate on clean 5 bar compressed air. If not available on-site, you require a stand-alone version with minimum 5 bar @ 5 l/min for the U-Visc 100 series and @ 7.5 l/min for the U-Visc 200 series.

Pedestal base

Pedestal base can be supplied from Omnitek for floor-standing installation.

PC & Printer

Any kind of PC can be used. PC can be supplied locally or from Omnitek. Omnitek supplies a new generation laptop. Minimum operation software should be Windows 7. PC should have RS232 or USB port (RS-232 adapter comes with Omnitek software).

Any kind of printer can be used if instrument is connected to a PC by software. Printer can be supplied locally or from Omnitek. Omnitek supplies the latest model laser printer.

ASTM Thermometers

All U-Visc units can be equipped with ASTM thermometers. The recommended thermometers that can be supplied are the modern digital contact thermometers (DCT), used at multiple temperatures.