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Ứng dụng: Accurate results calculation analysis for Chromatography testing applications
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Nhà cung cấp: Da Vinci LS
Model: DVLS PetroReporter

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The DVLS PetroReporter is a universal software tool that automates data processing and reporting of petroleum samples ranging from gases up to and including crude oil for DHA, Simdist and Gas Calculation applications. The new version of the PetroReporter software is now compatible with the new Agilent OpenLab 2.x CDS platform.

Reporting for DHA, SimDist and Gas Calculation

After data processing PetroReporter creates the required DHA, SimDist, Gas Calculation and FAME reports. PetroReporter is a universal software tool that allows refinery labs, independant labs and chemical plants to use one software package to process and report all petroleum samples.

PetroReporter can be used either stand-alone or in a network configuration. The client/server architecture of the software allows to process the analysis data from any PC workstation.

PetroReporter includes predefined sample settings, component tables and formulas to provide a correct sample identification.

Select from the extensive options to report individual components, true boiling points, physical properties and other DHA, SimDist or Gas calculations.

User-friendly editors allow to customize the settings on-screen.

DVLS MS-Reporter

Data processing for GC/MS, LC/MS & GC/MS or GCxGC/MS

MS-Reporter compares all detected fragment ions which allows the detection of very small differences either free from interferences or buried under large peaks. The software processes the data for GC/MS, LC/MS & GC/MS or GCxGC/MS analyses.

After Differential Analysis the program will run advanced deconvolution to cluster all detected ions into components. NIST MS Library search is used to automatically identify all detected components. MS-Reporter can also be used for Deconvolution and ID of a single sample.

DVLS Time Scheduler Software

Control Time Programmed Events

Time programmed events are quite common in gas chromatographic (GC) analyses, such as time programmed valve switching tasks prior to GC sampling. Also GC valve or device switching tasks during the analysis sequence are examples of these events. As chromatography data systems and time tables cannot control all time programmed events, Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions (DVLS) has developed Time Scheduler (TimeS): a software solution that automates the switching of relays, valves and devices prior to, during and after the actual run. It also functions as an external sequencer.

DVLS3 Sensor Software

The DVLS3 Simply, Smart Sensor provides a safe technique to detect a hydrogen leak in GC instruments. The sensor is controlled by dedicated Simply Smart Sensor software to ensure safety in the laboratory.

Monitor Hydrogen in GC Oven and detect hydrogen leaks

The DVLS³ Simply, Smart Sensor is installed in the GC oven for continuous monitoring of the hydrogen concentrations in the oven air.

The new optional DVLS3 Sensor software allows you to set up the system configuration, define alarm settings, manage users and create an audit trail. The software can be used either stand-alone or in a network configuration. Configure the hardware by manually entering the sensor specifications or use the Device Scanning option to automatically scan for new sensor devices and add the specifications.

Manage the user access level and their contact details to define the alarm messaging by e-mail, text (SMS), prowl or growl.
In case the sensor detects a concentration that exceeds the user defined level the DVLS3 Sensor software will automatically transmit the alarm message(s) to the operator. The dashboard displays the detected values, the minimum & maximum levels and the transmitted alerts.

DVLS Custom Software

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions (DVLS) offers standard and custom-made software solutions to integrate and control laboratory instrumentation and manage laboratory data. Our range of software products comprises of solutions for laboratory instrument control, data collecting, data analysis, workflow control, reporting and system integration.

Software Development for Instrument Manufacturers

For laboratories it is essential to use instruments with modern software to collect, analyze and share data. Developing software for instruments requires a different type of expertise and competences compared to designing and producing instruments. To enable instrument manufacturers to focus on their core business Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers services and expertise to develop complementary software. For example, DVLS created a software package to collect and monitor environmental data for a supplier of laboratory freezers and incubators.

Software Development for Laboratories

Laboratories that require custom-made software for system integration and automated workflows will especially benefit from the DVLS customized software solutions. Almost every software engineer at Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions has a laboratory background. The combined knowledge of IT and the familiarity of the laboratory environment facilitates an ideal process for translating requirements into functions. This ensures the delivery of a solution that meets the needs of the user. The PetroReporter software is an example of a petrochemical application that automates the data processing for SimDist, DHA and Gas Calculation analyses.